Connecting social media and science

Internet has given us a number of advantages. For example you don’t have to write a letter on a paper, send it and wait for days for it to get delivered to the recipient. You have e-mail services for that which delivers your message instantly. Thanks to Shiva Ayyadurai who started email service and not forget Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf who are credited with the discovery of internet.

Now a days, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are gaining popularity to have professional and personal contacts. Facebook and twitter are used by people of all ages to connect to their peers, colleagues, family and friends. But some of you are not aware of many scientists and professors who are available on these social media site and who share valuable information regarding science.

As a neuroscientist, i found a lot of scientists on twitter and facebook. They do share scientific articles from magazines, their lab activities and sometimes funny pictures 😉 Therefore, connecting with them would give good insights to science and technology and what is going on around the world in different labs. On facebook, there are “groups” which is a small or sometimes maybe a big place for communication and for people to express their views, opinions, answer or ask questions. For example, there is a facebook group called “The brain cafe” wherein a lot of neuroscientists get together to discuss science and share interesting articles. Similarly, other groups exists like “Scientific brains”, “Neuroscience”, “Psychology” and many more.

The latest entry to social media more on a scientific term is “researchgate” where a lot scientists and researchers can be found wherein they ask questions, answer questions, express their opinion and help others across the globe. Its a very interesting way to connect to your colleagues and has been very popular among the new generation of scientists and students.

So, if you are on any of these social media you should try to join these groups to share and get enlightened by science, share scientific ideas, discuss lab problems and maybe you can collaborate with other scientists.

Here are some links which you may find useful. Although these are links to Neuroscientists and Neuroscience groups but if you use your savior “google” then you can find people who are from your field be it physics, chemistry or any other discipline. You can also find people from other fields also.


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