Crime against Women



Today, when we open the newspaper the rising number of crimes and especially against women welcome us. After the heinous acts on the ill-fated night of 16th December, 2012 I thought that the government would make some serious protection laws to prevent such incidents in India but alas nothing has been done. A few fast track courts have been set up for speedy justice but why do we have to reach to such an extent that we have to go to a court to get justice, why don’t we have people or the police to prevent such crime.

After, the shocking incident of 16th December people protested for many days and as a result the govt. established six new fast track courts. But what was the use? After 8 months of this incident a similar incident took place in Mumbai where a girl was gang raped brutally by 4 men. Are the men of our society so sex starved? Are we so hungry for flesh that we don’t even spare kids? A few days ago, a six-year-old kid was raped in her school by the school gym instructor. Shocked and angry on hearing the news. What was the fault of the innocent 6 year old? She didn’t even know what was happening to her. Apparently, what was supposed to be her age of playing and innocence and enjoying her childhood, very sadly she has to go through that heat-breaking trauma.



After the December, 2012 gang rape case, which created such a hue and cry in the country, there were various women helpline numbers which were started in almost all the states in India, supposedly for an immediate help or aid to women who are endangered or are in trouble at any point of time, anywhere. But any of these numbers hardly came into use. For example, in Karnataka, the number 1091 was introduced as a women helpline number in January, 2013. One of my close friends, who stays in Bangalore was being harassed and stalked by a guy and one day he turns up in front of her house. She tries calling on that number, and to her utter dismay, she gets a message saying the number is no longer in service. And yes, this is a case in September, 2013. Wow! Less than a year and this is the situation.

I sometimes feel, is it so difficult to organize and continue to provide services which actually should be inevitable in a country where crime rates are so high? Are we so careless that the safety of a citizen in our country has become almost inexistent? But it is not me or you or a group of people who can change this ongoing inhuman act. It is the mentality of every single person that has to change. For an instance, a few days ago a girl was raped by her ex-boyfriend and his friend and she was drunk when she was raped. The police blames the girl saying it was her fault that she was drunk and she deserved to be raped. What a thought! It is the mentality of the people which definitely has to change.

In the end, all we can do is to take the first step. Change ourselves, raise our kids well, and change people around us. I hope we soon have a world and a society worth living in.


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