Epilepsia citation style

I was submitting a paper to Epilepsia and I use “Paper” as my citation manager (for more details, please see the “Scientific tools section”). Everyone has their own citation manager. Some use Endnote which is popular but a paid one while others prefer using Mendeley which is an open source program. Yes, you heard it right, it’s free !! And then there is Papers which is not free but is cheaper compared to Endnote.

Coming to business, while submitting to Epilepsia I found that they have a new reference style which is a modified version of “Vancouver superscript style”. The only changes are after three authors, “et al.” should follow, no need for entering the month of publication, and the use of journal abbreviation instead of the complete journal name.

I started to make the changes manually as there is no citation style that matches and the patch that Epilepsia provides are “.OS style patch” which works only with Endnote while Papers, Endnote, Zotero only accepts a “.CSL style”. Therefore, I modified the Vancouver style patch to make it compatible with Epilepsia using the visual editor. The only problem with the new “Epilepsia citation style” is that it doesn’t recognize many journal abbreviations (out of my 40 references, it recognized around 25 and changed it) so you have to do it manually. Other than that, it works perfectly. I am not a pro at Visual Editor so if anyone finds a way around to get this fixed, please let me know.

Just download and drag the file to your reference manager (works for papers) and it will install it.

You can find more citation style which is not available on your citation managers.

Hope it works for everyone else too. If you encounter any problem, let me know and I will try to fix it.


Download: http://bit.ly/2bbhpo0


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