Conferences and summer school

I will list out summer school and conferences related to Neuroscience. Please let me know if I miss some so that I can update it here.

  1. FENS: Federation of European Neuroscience Societies or FENS organizes the conference once in every two years.  FENS is one of the biggest and most prestigious Neuroscience meeting in Europe with a lot of participants. This year the conference venue was in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the next FENS forum in 2018 is in Berlin, Germany.,
  2. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) summer school: The next on my list is the CSHL summer classes which are organized at the Cold Spring, USA. The summer schools are held throughout the year and range from Cancer Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology to Neuroscience. The admission to these courses are quite competitive, and they also provide partial funding to the accepted students. If you get a chance, then you should attend one of these courses.
  3. CLARITY & Optogenetics: These are the recent techniques that have wide application and are proving useful not only to Neuroscience research but also to other areas of Biology. There are no summer schools for it but the lab of Prof. Karl Deisseroth organizes workshops on these two techniques. You have to register well in advance for these courses as they are quite occupied. The Optogenetic workshop is either a three-day or a three-week workshop (you can choose either of them) while the CLARITY is a three-day workshop organized at D (Deisseroth’s) -Lab at Stanford university. There are no fees for these courses, however, the applicant has to cover his/her travel and accommodation cost. If you are interested, be sure to apply in advance. I applied for the CLARITY & the Optogenetic course in April 2015, and I attended the CLARITY workshop in August 2016 and I am still on the waiting list for the Optogenetic workshop. This must be enough to give you an idea about the waiting time 😉
    Optogenetic workshop:
    CLARITY workshop:
  4. Society for Neuroscience (SfN): SfN is the biggest Neuroscience conference in the world and annually takes place in a great location in the United States. This year (2016) the meeting took place at San Diego and about 30,000 people attended it. The next SfN meeting is in 2017 and is scheduled from 11-15th November in Washington DC. Don’t miss it.
  5. Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN): I was fortunate enough to attend the CAN meeting this year in Montreal, Canada. This is a relative small meeting (< 1,000 people). You don’t see a lot of international scientists, but you will meet a lot of Canadian scientists. And I must say Canadian Scientists are awesome ;-). The next CAN meeting is in 2018 in Vancouver from 13-16th May.